It is well known that the surplus of entire body's energy and necessity for its consumption, the important, fundamental and all human emotion while dancing, drive the individual as well as entire masses into joint passion, in other words all those who by ancient belief should and can dance. Our folk have so much of life's energy to be able to use it profusely. In their great dance passion, people feel the necessity for dancing above all. That would be the base explanation why people passionately danced not only in earlier times but also in certain parts of our country today.

from "Folk Dances"
by Ljubica and Danica Jankovic

About us

 On the 20th October,2005. was made a decision of founding a society of citizens „Amatersko drustvo Beograd“ ( Amateur dance group Beograd).

Raised from the idea of cultivating tradition and developing art and cultural heritage, even today our ensemble with all rights can be happy with its successes. We had many prominent performances in Beograd, šabac, Valjevo and Novi Sad, we participated in prestigious T V show "Zikina sarenica“ , in humanitarian concert "Big hart for small children“ , in a couple of performances organized by Serban Army and in cultural event "Vidovdanski dani“ in Vladi?in Han.

The current name of the ensemble is 

Folk ensemble '' Belgrade ''.





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